Syrris for Beginners

At Syrris we design, manufacture, and sell high-quality and easy to use automated products for laboratory and production chemists. We have hundreds of customers throughout the world including all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, etc) and many major academic institutions.

What our customers have in common is they spend most of their time performing or optimizing chemical reactions, i.e. mixing chemicals together and monitoring what happens. The chemicals being synthesized can be virtually anything, e.g. new medicines, lubricants, soaps, pesticides, biodiesels, nanoparticles, paints, etc.

Our head office is in Royston (near Cambridge) in the UK where we design and develop our products. It is also our manufacturing, testing, and distribution center. We have subsidiary offices in the USA, India, Japan, and Brazil for sales, marketing and customer support. As well as our own sales and support staff, Syrris also has over 30 distributors worldwide who represent Syrris products.

Atlas HD Hero - Multiple vessels
Syrris Asia System in use in a laboratory
A photograph of the Syrris Titan flow chemistry scale up system
Syrris Chemisens Calorimeter product shot
Syrris Orb Pilot Product Shot - Close Up in Use
A close up photograph of the Orb Jacketed Reactor clamp and logo

Syrris product range

Syrris products are typically referred to as chemical reactors and can range in size from very small (for reactions in microlitres) to very large (up to 250 litres). What makes our products unique is that despite offering unrivalled sophistication and quality, they are the easiest to use and most versatile products available in the world.


A chemist using the Syrris Atlas HD automated reactor touchscreen base
Atlas HD
A photograph of the quick clamp system on the Syrris Orb Jacketed Reactor
Orb Jacketed Reactor
A photograph of a chemist watching the Syrris Orb Pilot stir its contents
Orb Pilot

Batch reactor systems

Chemistry is typically performed by mixing chemicals in glass reactors with heating/cooling and stirring. This is known as batch chemistry. Syrris sells very sophisticated batch reactors that can be totally automated; this means chemists and chemical engineers can control the reaction temperature, reaction time, stirrer speed, etc. by using our PC software. They are also extremely chemically resistant and are designed to keep working even when spillages occur.

The flagship product of the automated batch chemistry world is Atlas HD, offering an intuitive touchscreen base from which chemists and chemical engineers can monitor and control experiments in real-time.  In addition to this, we also offer the manually-operated Orb Jacketed Reactor and the scale-up Orb Pilot reactor.

Asia Flow Chemistry
Asia Flow Chemistry System
Syrris Titan Flow Chemistry Scale Up system
Titan Flow Chemistry Scale Up system

Flow chemistry systems

At Syrris we also develop and sell products that use a novel and more controlled way of mixing chemicals known as flow chemistry. In flow chemistry, the chemicals (dissolved in a liquid solvent) continuously flow together at a “T-junction” or “crossroads” in what is known as a microreactor. The performance (efficiency and purity) of a chemical reaction is very dependent on the reaction conditions.

Our flow chemistry reactor systems allow parameters such as reaction temperature, reaction time and the amount of each chemical used to be quickly changed and to analyze the result of these changes. This makes optimizing chemical reactions extremely fast.