An introduction to Titan – Scale up flow chemistry video

An Introduction to Titan - Scale up Flow Chemistry
Titan is a revolutionary continuous chemical processing system for production scales from kilo lab, through pilot plant, to manufacturing.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Ben Taylor products manager for Titan by Syrris. With years of reactor design and reactor systems design, I joined Syrris in 2013 to work on the development of Titan product line from concept to prototype and now into commercially available products for the temple industry Titan is a modular continuous chemical processing system for production rates from kilo lab to pilot plant and manufacturing. Titan systems and modules are safe, reliable and robust with high temperature resistance, excellent performance and inform factors suitable for laboratory or manufacturing environments the Titan syringe pump offers extremely smooth continuous pumping flow rates from one millilitre per minute up to 250 milliliters per minute and pressures up to sponges are the Titan syringe pump is safe reliable and robust the different types of reactors that we offer include the free reaction heat exchanger the residence time unit the fast mixing injector and the post reaction heat exchanger Titan reactors come in multiple volumes and different materials of construction the rigid enter module connector is a component of the Titan reactors that allows the reactors to be joined and feel at great temperatures plus 250 degrees Celsius to minus 40 degrees Celsius without leaking four thermocouples as well as other p80 devices.

Titan - Scale up Flow Chemistry

Titan is a unique, complete kilo scale chemical processing system designed and manufactured to meet the evolving needs of the chemicals markets. Scaling up processes are easy with seamless progression from R&D scale using Asia to Titan on kilo lab, pilot plant and production scales.