Crystallization monitoring and control with the Syrris Atlas HD Crystallization system

Crystallization is defined as a process by which a chemical is converted from a liquid solution into a solid crystalline state. Syrris systems offer a range of solutions to the problem of crystallization monitoring and control.

Crystallization monitoring

Crystallization control

      • Automation – Intelligent solvent additions and temperature control are made easy with the Atlas Software allowing easy meta-stable zone analysis
      • Sonocrystallization – crystallization with narrow particle size distribution and polymorph control – See the Sonocrystallisation Applications page or the Atlas HD Sonolab system
      • Flow chemistry – Excellent control of mixing and temperature leads to narrow particle size distribution. See the Flow Chemistry page.
      • Crystallization is the most common method of formation of pharmaceutical solids
      • Usually aim to achieve goals of high purity and high yield by solely using controlled cooling crystallizations
      • Almost all chemical processes utilize at least one crystallization step (either as key separation mechanism or final product engineering)
      • Crystallization processes are poorly understood and are difficult to control
      • Control of nucleation difficult but is the key to process control
      • Physical form dictates drug product quality and effectiveness
      • Process robustness governs process productivity and economics
A photograph of Atlas HD Crystallization with Sonolab Module
A photograph of the Atlas HD overhead Scorpion Stirrer being clicked into place
A photograph of the Atlas HD clamp and vessel lid

Syrris products offer a range of solutions to the problem of crystallization control and monitoring.

  • Excellent temperature control using sophisticated PID temperature control
  • Metastable zone width determination
  • Crystallize along a turbidity ramp
  • Complete control of nucleation
  • Improved polymorph selectivity
  • Achieve extremely narrow particle distribution
  • Reproducibility
  • Seamless scale up to pilot plant and manufacturing
  • Easy to use drag and drop software


See the Atlas Turbidity system or Atlas Sonocrystallisation system page now for more information.

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