Library Synthesis

What is Library Synthesis in Chemistry and how does flow chemistry help?

The synthesis of a number of analogous compounds for the purposes of testing is often referred to as library synthesis or high-throughput chemistry. The automated Asia system is designed for fast, serial library synthesis and is capable of synthesizing and purifying 10s – 100s of compounds a day.

The heart of Asia is a microfluidic reactor through which reactions are flowed.

With reaction times cut to 2 minutes within the micro reactor due to super heating (pseudo-microwave effect), 10s – 100 of compounds can be synthesized and purified a day – with tailored reaction conditions for each synthesis. A liquid handling robot can access a deck of hundreds of compounds which are injected into the flow stream. The Flow Liquid-Liquid EXtraction module can perform in-line aqueous work-up before the product is automatically collected by a robot at the output.

The automated Asia system is currently being used by a number of major pharmaceutical companies for this application.

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A photograph of a Syrris Asia Glass Microreactor Chip
Asia Flow Chemistry Systems

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