Nanoparticle synthesis

Nanoparticles and nanoparticle synthesis

Nanochemistry includes the synthesis, characterization, and reaction of materials at nanoscale. Nanoparticles can offer a wide range of advantages over regular materials including unique or superior properties such as magnetic, optical, physical, electric, etc. Control of process parameters in nanochemistry is essential to ensure the desired shape, size, composition, surface structure and thus desired properties. Key synthesis parameters include temperature, mixing, concentrations and reaction time.

A photograph of several glass vials, filled with nanoparticles produced on Syrris Asia flow chemistry systems
Nanoparticles produced on Syrris Asia flow chemistry systems
Gold Nanoparticles produced on a Syrris Orb jacketed reactor viewed under a microscope
Gold Nanoparticles produced on a Syrris Orb jacketed reactor viewed under a microscope
Fluorescing liquids produced by Syrris Asia
Fluorescing liquids produced by Syrris Asia

Why choose Syrris for nanoparticle synthesis?

Syrris offers a wide range of innovative batch and flow reactors for nanoparticle synthesis. The award-winning systems, designed by chemists for chemists, present multiple benefits:

      • Narrow particle size distribution: Excellent mixing and temperature control leads to improved homogeneity of particle size
      • Rapid nanoparticle optimization: Process conditions such as temperature, time, mixing, reagent ratios and concentrations can be quickly varied
      • Reproducibility and automation: Additions, mixing, temperature, etc. can be fully controlled in automated fashion for seamless reproducibility
      • Easy to use: All products can be assembled, maintained and cleaned without tools
      • Simple scale up: Large range of reactor sizes (batch) and flow rates (continuous flow) provides the tools for moving from small-scale process optimization to production
      • Nanoparticles not possible by other means: Nanoparticles previously unseen using batch techniques can be obtained in microreactors due to the high level of control


The list below shows a selection of nanoparticles synthesized in Syrris reactor systems and the unique advantages they have offered:

Nanoparticle synthesized Unique advantage using Syrris reactor systems
Nickel nanocubes Ability to accurately select the desired shape. High-quality material obtained
Silver nanowires Excellent monodispersity. Improved electric conductivity property
Gold nanocrystals Smaller average particle size obtained in flow. Easy process optimization
Silica beads Narrow size distribution. High reproducibility
Platinum nanoparticles deposited on carbon fibers Synthesis and deposition performed in one cycle. Control of the size by varying flow rate
Cadmium selenide quantum dots Synthesis, capping, and functionalization is done in one continuous process. Large-scale synthesis
Superparamagnetic iron nanoparticles Small particle size. Fast throughput
Nickel tetrapods Previously unreported shape. Only seen in microreactors
Titanium oxide nanoparticles Faster synthesis. Excellent yields

Product options for nanoparticle synthesis:

Batch chemistry product advantages:

      • Multiple sensors can be used for control(temperature, pH, turbidity, etc…)
      • No particle size restrictions
      • Easy scale-up


Flow chemistry product advantages:

      • Fast and reproducible mixing
      • Excellent heat transfer and accurate temperature control
      • Suitable for optimization and product on the same system


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