Flow Chemistry in Formulations

The study of formulations, whether of industrial chemicals, pharmaceutics or household materials is vital to ensuring that when a bottle, tin or spray is opened, the material which emerges is the same as the material intended.

Several companies and academic groups have started to use flow chemistry as a way to study different aspects of the formulations process. Two main areas are being investigated at the moment.Forced degradation

Forced Degradation in flow chemistry

Flow reactors offer rapid, very accurate sample heating and can access temperatures only available in pressurized systems. Forced degradation studies utilize this accurate control of temperature, paired with the ability to accelerate decomposition processes beyond their natural rate to investigate the kinetics of the process. This can predict shelf-life in a fraction the time in an automated fashion.

Log P in flow chemistry

Studies of LogP (material partitioning) between two phases are important for stabilized super-saturated solutions and determination of relative solubilities.

Using the Asia FLLEX (Syrris Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) system, materials can be mixed with two immiscible liquids, the time allowed for partitioning and then separated to determine the partition coefficient.

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Syrris Asia Key Feature - FLLEX Module for Flow Liquid-Liquid Extraction
The Asia FLLEX Module
Syrris Asia - Glass Microreactor Chip

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