Process Chemistry

Process Chemistry Control, Analysis, and Data Logging

The role of the process chemist is to generate an efficient production process and to manage the transfer of that chemical process from laboratory scale to manufacturing. Important considerations include the purity of the final compound, safety, cost, time, environmental impact and reproducibility.

Key requirements for process chemistry are process control, analysis and data logging. Syrris offer a wide range of products for process chemistry and development chemistry including automated laboratory reactors and continuous flow chemistry systems.

Variations in parameters such as temperature, pressure, the rate of addition, pH, etc. can have a dramatic effect on the quality of a chemical process. Being able to control and data log variables such as these and analyze other parameters such as turbidity, reaction power, enthalpy change etc. is extremely valuable to understanding a chemical process. Syrris products are designed and built specifically for process chemists and process engineers, with these requirements in mind.

Sensing and Control in Batch Reactors

Data from these analytical devices can be used to intelligently control parameters, e.g. the exact temperature, pressure, pH etc. of the process can be controlled by closed-loop feedback, even without PC control. The Atlas software allows advanced control of parameters including conditional actions such as wait until temperature x has been reached before controlling the pH.

The Atlas range of jacketed reactor systems has automatically detected sensors including class A RTD temperature probes, pH sensors, turbidity probes and pressure sensors. These can connect directly to the Atlas base and all data is displayed in real time and logged automatically. It is also possible to connect other sensors such as FTIR probes, FBRM probes, and the Atlas Calorimeter allows real-time monitoring of reaction power and enthalpy.

A photograph of the Atlas HD touch screen base in use by a chemist
Atlas HD Key feature - scorpion overhead stirrer motor
A photograph of an oil pipe being easily connected to a Syrris Atlas HD vessel
Syrris Atlas HD - 2 systems demonstrating multiple vessel sizes on one reactor platform

Sensing and Control in Flow Reactors

The Asia range of flow microreactors offers excellent control of mixing and parameters such as temperature, pressure and reaction time. With Asia all data is logged automatically.

A close up photograph of part of the Syrris Asia flow chemistry system
A chemist using Syrris Asia in a lab
A photograph of the Syrris Asia flow chemistry system in use in a dark lab

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