Log P

Log P Determination

The partition coefficient of an extraction system is particularly important when looking to scale-up a process. The Syrris Asia FLLEX system can rapidly determine log P for a range of different solvent types.

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The Asia FLLEX system can be used to test different solvent pairs to determine which is the most efficient for a particular extraction by determining log P.

By changing the flow rate of the solvents into the system, different equilibration times can be tested to find the optimal separation.

More sophisticated systems can be used to perform multiple experiments (varying concentrations, temperatures and solvents) to fully explore a range of reaction variables. The Asia system is an example of this.

Syrris Asia Key Feature - FLLEX Module for Flow Liquid-Liquid Extraction
A photograph of a Syrris Asia flow chemistry system being used for fluorescing chemistry
A photograph of the Syrris Asia flow chemistry system
A close up photograph of the Syrris Asia syringes on the Syringe Pump
Asia Flow Chemistry Systems

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