The Asia Automator enables automated flow chemistry experiments to be controlled by the Asia Manager PC Software (e.g. 230, 320 or 330 systems).

Controlling a system from a PC:

By connecting the Asia Automator and the Asia pump to a PC via USB, it is possible to control the Asia system using Asia Manager PC software. This allows to easily set-up any fluidic system, design a list of experiments and run them successively while monitoring data in real-time.

Asia Automator Connections:

  • 1 x USB B Port for Asia Syringe Pump or PC
  • 4 x Module Ports for modules such as:
    • Asia Reagent Injector
    • Asia Chip Climate Controller
    • Asia Heater
    • Asia Pressure Controller
  • 1 x Collector Port for modules such as:
  • Asia Product Collector
  • Asia Automated Collector