Accurate measurement and monitoring of turbidity in partnership with the Atlas HD base.

Turbidity Probe

The Turbidity Probe can be used as a simple crystallization point detector, or in more complex studies involving meta stable crystallization zones, secondary nucleation and polymorphism issues. It requires a Turbidity Node and has a two point calibration. The stainless steel probe has a chemically-protective borosilicate glass sheath, with a 7 mm outside diameter. Suitable for temperatures ranging from -50°C to + 250°C. Please note this is a reflection probe for use in liquids. It is an IR Emitter operating at 950 nM. For a Turbidity probe compatible with 3 bar systems, please see the Pressure Parts section.


Turbidity Node

The Turbidity Node allows the Turbidity Probe to be connected as described above. Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by individual particles and therefore this node in combination with the corresponding probe is ideal for monitoring crystallization processes.