The Jacketed Vessel Lid and Safety Manifold for the 3 bar system is designed for use with the Jacketed Vessel Clamp for the 3 bar system. The lid has 7 ports:

  • 1 x vertical M30 centre port for the 3 bar Stirrer Seal and Guide
  • 3 x GL18 ports designed for probes, sensors, and condensers and are set at an angle of 15° with a compound angle of 5° to avoid clashing with items in other ports or the stirrer
  • 1 x GL25 port for larger probes, condensers or manual additions
  • 2 x vertical GL18 ports designed to accept Syrris probes

The lid and safety manifold, are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. The safety manifold includes a pressure relief valve to gradually release gas in the case of overpressure and a safety burst disc that ruptures in the case of rapid overpressure to protect the vessel and the user.

*Note: These vessels are only suitable an Atlas 3 bar system with the Remote Mount