Reactor Master and Custom Reactor Systems video

Reactor Master and Custom Reactor Systems
The Syrris Reactor Master automates jacketed reactor systems (e.g. Chemglass) and logs data without the need for PC software. Circulators, stirrers, thermocouples and RTDs from virtually any manufacturer can be controlled by the twist and click knob. Data can be viewed in real time and downloaded to a USB memory stick as a .csv file. Syrris Custom Reactor Systems are designed and built to your specifications. Complete systems including reactors, stirrers, circulators, RTDs, pumps, balances, sensors etc. can be configured using virtually any manufacturers apparatus. Choose from either manual control or total automation using Atlas PC Software.

Reactor Master

Extend the functionality of your manual reactors with Automation, from Syrris. Reactor master software uses a simple drag and drop menu that allows you to design your experiment, add conditional steps, devices, monitor and record parameters. It can control and monitor virtually every conceivable parameter you might require.