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Syrris has a huge presence in the science industry, attending all the major conferences and trade shows as well as hosting our own Chemistry Workshops and Roadshows. See the list of upcoming and past events and book your places below.

What is a chemistry workshop?

Syrris host an annual program of free chemistry workshops and training on a wide range of subjects, including flow chemistry. We have had fantastic feedback from previous delegates who work in a wide range of application areas. View our upcoming Chemistry Workshops below and register your attendance today.

What are Syrris roadshows?

We bring the latest chemistry technology to you! The Syrris Roadshows are organized events spanning a particular region over the course of a few weeks/months. A number of our Applications Specialists load up a van with our latest products and arrange to visit companies and Universities throughout a selected region to bring our products to you and answer all your pressing questions. Look at the upcoming Syrris Roadshows below and register your interest in being a part of it. If no Roadshow is scheduled in your country/region, please contact us to request one or an individual meeting.

Syrris are proud to attend all the main chemistry conferences around the world, showcasing our award-winning and innovative products to existing and potential customers. See the list below to see which conferences we’re attending.

Upcoming Events

Date Location Event Event Type Booth Register
17 April 2018 University of Montreal, Canada Flow Chemistry Workshop Workshop Register Now
24 May 2018 UCD, Ireland Flow Chemistry Workshop Workshops Register Now
11-15 June 2018 Frankfurt, Germany Achema Conference Book Now

Past Events

13 February 2018 Glasgow, Scotland Flow Chemistry Workshop Workshops Finished
06-07 February 2018 Cambridge, UK Flow Chemistry Europe Conference 7 Finished
18-20 January 2018 Japan Flow Micro Conference
27 November – 15 December 2017 Japan Japan Roadshow Roadshow Finished
09-16 October 2017 Europe Scandinavia Roadshow Roadshow Finished
18-20 October 2017 Budapest, Hungary FROST6 – 6th Conference on Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Technology Conference Finished
21-23 September 2017 Hyderabad, India Anacon – 10th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology, and Diagnostics Conference Finished
20-22 August 2017 Washington DC, USA ACS Fall 2017 Conference 1510 Finished
05 July 2017 Royston, UK Syrris Flow Chemistry Workshop Workshop Finished
25 May 2017 Manchester, UK Nanoparticle Synthesis using Novel Flow Technologies Workshop Finished
27 April 2017 Trondheim, Norway Hands-on 1-day Chemistry Workshop Workshop Finished
26 April 2017 Trondheim, Norway Hands-on 1-day Chemistry Workshop Workshop Finished
25 April 2017 Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain Hands-on 1-day Chemistry Workshop Workshop Finished
02-04 April 2017 San Francisco, USA ACS Spring 2017 Conference 1602 Finished
23 March 2017 Royston, UK Hands-on 1-day Chemistry Workshop Workshop Finished
16-18 March 2017 Brussels, Belgium Laborama Conference B7 Finished
06-08 March 2017 Pasadena, USA OPRD Conference Finished
07-08 February 2017 Cambridge, UK Flow Chemistry Europe Conference 6 Finished
18-19 January 2017 Mumbai, India Flow Chemistry India Conference Finished