Syrris is proud to attend all the main chemistry conferences around the world, showcasing our award-winning and innovative products to existing and potential customers.  See the list below to see which conferences we’re attending.

Upcoming Conferences

Date Location Event Event Type Booth Register
26-28 April 2019 Chennai, India Asia LabEX Conference #B84 Book Now
14 – 16 May 2019 Manchester, UK Continuous Flow IV Conference Book Now
28 June 2019 Cardiff, UK Dial-a-molecule – Enabling Technology for Synthesis Conference Book Now
09 September 2019 Mumbai, India Flow Chemistry India Conference Book Now
08 -09 October 2019 California, USA Microfluidics & Flow Chemistry 2019 Conference Book Now
16 – 18 October 2019 Budapest, Hungary FROST Conference Book Now
22 – 23 October 2019 Glasgow, UK 11th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reaction Technology for Industrial Applications Conference Book Now

Past Conferences – 2019

Date Location Event Event Type Booth Register
16-17 April 2019 Mumbai, India Chemspec India Conference #E45 Finished
08-09 April 2019 Boston, USA Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing Conference 4 Finished
31 March – 4 April 2019 New Orleans, USA AiChE GLobal Congresss on Process Safety Conference #909 Finished
26 – 27 February 2019 Cambridge, UK Flow Chemistry Europe  Conference Finished