The Syrris European Roadshow is underway!

The latest technology in chemistry is currently touring Europe along with our team of experts – read about our travels below!


Week 1: Lovely Lillestrøm

May 5th, 2018

Stephen Heffernan and the trusty Syrris roadshow van left Royston on Saturday aiming to get to Oslo on Tuesday. This journey took him through Antwerp in Belgium (Saturday), Hamburg in Germany (Sunday) and then on to Aalborg in Denmark (Monday), ready to catch the ferry to Oslo on Tuesday morning.

Up bright and early to catch the ferry, Stephen finally arrived in Oslo at 6 pm Tuesday. He was greeted by the roadshow team Rune Hofsløkken, of Nerliens Meszansky (our distributor in Norway),and Mike Hawes and a perfectly cold, well-deserved beer. Stephen had no tales of ordeal to tell; the journey had gone seamlessly and he and the van had sailed (not literally) through customs, a welcome change from our usual roadshow dramas!

View from the room we presented in
Stephen presenting Atlas
Mike presenting
Captivated audience
ski jump
Harry Potter

We visited a company in Lillestrøm, who are interested in particle synthesis, and showed them our batch and flow products, with the main areas of interest being Orb Pilot, Orb and Atlas HD. Mike also did a live Wittig reaction using the Asia kit. There’s a scenery picture in the slideshow opposite with a gorgeous view from the room we were presenting in. We had visited this company before and it was nice to catch up with them and chat all things chemistry.

We actually didn’t have a lot of spare time to go sightseeing this week! Aside from admiring the perfect weather and beautiful scenery of Norway whilst driving, we did get to take a trip up to the ski-jump overlooking Oslo and had dinner at a traditional tavern on the last day. Stephen provided the entertainment by hitting his head on a petrol pump and unbeknownst to him, went into the shop to pay with blood streaming down his forehead, prompting some funny looks from the locals. He looks a bit like Harry Potter now…

Rune dropped Mike and Stephen off at the airport. We flew home to Stansted, and Stephen finally collapsed into bed at 1:45am. Bravo to him for doing the hard work of driving this first stint of the roadshow: over 1200 miles covered this week, including 6.5 hours of ferries.

Wonky tyre

Week 2: Wonky Tyres and Fine Fjords

May 18th, 2018

This week was Stuart and Omar’s turn to host the roadshow in Finland. Stuart started their stint by himself and encountered our first problem with the van when leaving Norway. It started shaking uncontrollably and he noticed that the tyres had gone a completely abnormal shape! He had to drive approx 150 kms to the next city (Oslo to Karlstadt) at about 40 km/hr. He managed to get the tyre changed with the spare and then had a short 4 hour trip to Stockholm. What a hero!

Next was a deservedly peaceful overnight ferry through lots of idyllic fjords. Interestingly, the ferry was full of 50% Finnish/Swedish and 50% Mexican people. Not sure what the connection with Mexico is?!

stuart assembling atlas
big kids

Omar flew into Helsinki and we headed off to Porvoo – Finland’s second oldest city. We visited the offices of our distributor, Miliot Scientific (see picture opposite for a pic of us with Sam from Miliot). Then onwards to Lappeenranta which is Far East of Finland – about 20 km from the Russian border. Our hotel room overlooked a beautiful fjord and we happily sat and drank the beers that were essential to planning our roadshow strategy. Inspired after making lots of new friends from Mexico on the ferry, Stuart insisted on bringing Omar to the only Mexican restaurant in Lappeenranta for dinner.

A fantastic event at the University of Technology capped off a great couple of weeks in Scandinavia. Next stop Estonia and Tallinn where Leandro and Vit will pick up the Syrris truck!