Choosing your automated chemistry system

Upgrade your existing manual jacketed reactor using Reactor Master

You can easily upgrade your existing manual jacketed reactor – such as the Syrris Orb Jacketed Reactor,  or any other 3rd party reactor – using the Reactor Master module from Syrris.

Reactor Master is a hardware solution that offers powerful standalone automation or can be coupled with the Atlas PC Software 1 to provide more complex controls. It also provides connectivity for stirrer motors, circulators, pumps, probes/nodes, and a wide variety of sensors to simplify system configuration.

Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor

Atlas HD is a purpose-built automated jacketed reactor platform with a built-in touchscreen control base. The touchscreen can be used to control stirring and temperature, and paired with Atlas PC Software 1 can be used for complex, multi-step recipes.

Atlas HD helps chemists produce fast, scalable, and reproducible chemistry and its modular design can perform multiple chemistries – such as crystallization and calorimetry – on one system.

A chemist at ICECHIM using a Syrris Asia flow chemistry system

Asia flow chemistry systems

The Asia flow chemistry systems offer a range of 15 modules for various different flow chemistries, all of which can be automated using the Asia PC Manager software for complete walk-away chemistry, including automated reagent injections using the Automated Reagent Injector Module.