European Roadshow

The latest technology in chemistry is coming to Europe!
25 April – 30 June 2018

All the latest technology in flow, automated batch and chemical scale-up chemistry is coming to you!

Syrris Roadshows are designed to give you hands-on experience using our Syrris equipment. Meet the team, discuss your applications and experience the technology at our European Roadshow.

Meet the Team

Leandro Nogueira
Head of Internal Sales
Marco Grasso
Sales Executive
Andrew Mansfield
Product Manager - Flow Chemistry
Stuart Simcock
Product Manager - Batch Chemistry
Stephen Heffernan
Applications Specialist
Syrris Roadshow

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See what a Syrris Roadshow tour is really like by reading our Roadshow Diary. A behind-the-scenes insight into everything we’ve done, seen and consumed in the wonderful countries we’ve visited!

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23 - 29 April

The Netherlands

30 May - 06 June

Denmark and Sweden

08-13 May



14 - 18 May

Sweden and Finland

21 - 25 May

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

28 May - 01 June

Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary


04 - 08 June

Slovenia, Austria and Germany

18 - 22 June